Secure anonymous video for social, dating
and discreet applications.
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Optando's E-VAP (Enhanced Video Access with Privacy) is a highly-secure service for private and anonymous video communications between E-VAP based service subscribers and non-subscribers alike.

E-VAP based services allow for the instantaneous dynamic creation of login tokens that can be distributed to third party users (they do not need to subscribe to an E-VAP based service) to enable totally anonymous video communications between users.

Users benefit from the same high quality, high reliability video communications that underly all Optando based applications and video communications products.

Using webRTC based peer-to-peer technology with media and signaling encryption, E-VAP allows direct media connections between mobile / iOS / Android / browser based E-VAP applications.

Based on Optando SDKs and cloud infrastructure, anonymous video communications can be easily embedded into your applications.

Concerned about data storage in foreign countries? Optando can address issues related to geographic location ('geo-fencing').

Target Applications

Key application areas for anonymous video include social networking, online dating (e.g., is the person who their profile claims to be?), online sales (e.g., want-ads, personals) where users do not want to exchange contact information for a single engagement or purchasing transaction.

E-VAP can be easily integrated into your existing mobile applications as a seemless component or our E-VAP application can be rebranded for your service offering.

Optando will work with you to integrate our E-VAP feature into your existing applications, or will provide a base application for you to build a service around.



Anonymous Video

Sessions based on a one-time or limited-duration token. Tokens are issued based on non-personal, ephemeral data.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

E-VAP subscriber single touch generates anonymous token. Subscriber shares token (e.g., via chat) with desired communications partner allowing single touch video sessions

Privacy and Security

Privacy and Security

Either party can securely & permanently opt out of future contact. E-VAP is based on secure encryped underlying technology.

E-VAP Service Scenario

  1. Suzy is an E-VAP subscriber; John is not.
  2. Suzy meets John on, and wants to have an initial video chat date.
  3. Suzy launches E-VAP, requests an access token and shares it with John via chat.
  4. John downloads (for free) and launches the E-VAP app on his phone or accesses the E-VAP web interface, authenticates using the access token, and sees that Suzy is available to chat. Suzy is also able to see that John is online.
  5. Either John or Suzy touch the screen to initiate a video session.
  6. Either party can terminate the video session. Either party can also decide to disable any further communication via E-VAP. In all cases, no personally identifiable contact information is shared by either party.

Simplicity and Ease of Use

A simple touch generates an anonymous user token for you to give out and adds the user to your group

Your contacts

Existing Contacts

Touch Generate Token

Generate Token

User is Added

New User Added

User Login and Call

Login and Call

E-VAP Privacy

Optando takes privacy and anonymity very seriously.



E-VAP has end-to-end media (voice and video) and signaling traffic encryption.

Data Protection

Data Protection

E-VAP utilizes server side data security and neither anonymous user, session details nor IP addresses are stored or recorded.


Data Privacy

Optando completely protects your private conversations from un-authorized third parties (employers/employees, government officials, hackers, etc…)

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