Accelerate development with Optando client SDKs, cloud infrastructure and on-premises container solutions.
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Are your software development costs running over budget?
Would your technical team benefit from collaboration with video software and system architecture experts?
Can embeddable off-the-shelf video solutions bring your company's products to market faster?
Are high software usage charges eroding your profits?

If your answer to any of these types of questions is 'Yes', then Optando's “White Label” services may interest you.


Optando webRTC-based software solutions are now available to serve a broad spectrum of needs, ranging from embeddable video software components to complete turnkey video-based solutions. Our mobile phone / tablet / browser software can be easily bundled into your applications, and our server infrastructure is available through cloud APIs or may be deployed in your data center with an on-premises virtual machine or container-based solution.

Whether you are building a client-side application from scratch and only require server-side support (e.g., dynamic session management, subscription database, and presence), are looking to introduce video communications into an existing application (e.g., you have already launched an online dating app), or want to focus on branding an application for which video is just one component, Optando has the solution for you.

Our solutions include software libraries / SDKs for iOS and Android apps and software building blocks for embedded systems (such as security cameras).

This “White Label” software brings the same high quality, high performance webRTC engines, session control and subscriber management capabilities that underpin Optando's OptaCare™ and other Connected Health applications and infrastructure.

Software Features

Common to all of our client side technolgies are the following features:

Time to Market

Reduce your time to market by embedding Optando’s technology: standards-based for ease of integration, field-tested and reliable, intuitive and easy to use.

Brand Control

Maintain control of your brand. Optando “White Label” software allows you to fully control the user experience, interaction and branding.

Ease of Integration

Optando software is designed to easily integrate into your applications and get you up and running quickly. Standards-based and open interfaces minimize development and testing intervals, thus shortening time to market.

Full Featured

Whether mobile or browser based applications, Optando software provides access to a full suite of features including: multiple simultaneous sessions, data channel, glare control, session reject and cancel.

Fully Customizable

Optando engineering resources are ready to assist with customization of application design and software development (including user interface), video software libraries, signaling interactions, and subscription data management to support your specific requirements.


Optando engineering resources are ready to assist with application design and library integration. Additionally, Optando can provide customized session handling and signaling services.

Mobile Application Libraries

Optando iOS and Android libraries provide APIs for the underlying webRTC session management, signaling, and control, allowing our partners to focus on the application User Experience and branding of their products. Please contact us also for further information on our JavaScript and browser support.


Low memory footprint (< 7Mb), webRTC compiled from source, support of hardware-accelerated codecs (e.g., H.264), webSockets, and many other capabilities.

Application Features

Front/Rear camera, missed call notifications, audio/video mute, push notifications, and more.

Multiple OS

Optando provides application binaries for iOS (static library), for Android (AAR files), and JavaScript files for browser integration.


Optando's expert engineering resources are ready to assist your firm with application design (including software development, if desired) and software library integration. Additionally, Optando can provide customized session handling and signaling services.

On-Premises or Enterprise Cloud Deployments

Tired of paying high prices per API call or per-minute software usage charges? Optando On-premises solutions allow you to install and manage software on your own infrastructure.

Optando software may be deployed directly on your servers or in your own cloud environment. Alternatively, Optando could manage a segregated cloud infrastructure for you.

In either case, Optando will work with you to provide Virtual Appliances hosting the complete set of software components required or Containers (e.g., Docker) depending on your needs.


Optando container solutions allow you to quickly, realiabily and consistently deploy Optando video communications solutions in your environemnt and easily scale to meet growth demands.

Reliability Assured

Optando virtual machine/container solutions are fully tested and ready to deploy including all Optando code, runtime software and required libraries. We provide you with the same infrastructure software used by Optando's own products.

Target Environments

Container and Virtual Appliance technology allows you to select the target environment that is best suited to your operational support and management systems.

Session Management

Our session server software provides presence management for users and supports push notification services for iOS and Android applications. Session server software couples to our subscription management and database systems via a Redis data store supporting high-throughput applications.

Subscription Management

Our subscription management server software coupled with our database technology is available via APIs for integration into mobile and browser applications and service provider subscription configuration portals enabling partners to integrate the management of subscribers into your existing customer portals.

Media Processing

Optando integrates media server technology including Dialogic Server-Side Media Processing for video recording, transcoding, and multi-party conferencing.

Embedded Linux solutions

Leverage Optando's expertise in porting webRTC applications to embedded Linux (e.g., kernel 2.6) environments and “small-footprint” hardware platforms.


Low memory footprint (< 7Mb), webRTC compiled from source, hardware accelerated codecs (H.264) in addition to standard codecs, webSockets.

Platforms and CPUs

Optando has ported software to embedded systems based on processors utilizing ARM cores (e.g., ARM5) targeted for highly constrained memory and CPU environments.

Target applications

Our software may be used to support webRTC enhanced embedded devices such as connected health devices, IP security cameras, remote monitoring (e.g., baby), video walkie-talkies, “one-off” video communications, etc.


Optando can provide expert engineering resources to design overall system architecture, customize software, provide integration to target processors and platforms, and more.

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