Managed Services

Optando offers managed infrastructure services including subscription management and signaling / session servers. Our managed services run in the cloud with specific software instances per partner company.

These services support dynamic presence management, APIs for subscription database control and presence management. This coupled with push notifications and web sockets allows for locating and signaling users for dynamic video sessions.

Our team of support engineers can provide varying levels of support to suit your needs.


If you have specific requirements for service logic or requirements for network side features, Optando can provide customized software in our cloud services to meet your needs.

If you have specific needs for embedded systems, codecs or peer to peer communications, Optando can work with you to tailor our software to your target environments.


If you are concerned about time to market, scaling development resource, or need general support in integrating real time video communications software into your service deployments, Optando has the resources to assist you in this task.

Whether you are trying to build or migrate a service to our infrastructure, our team of experts will work with you to deploy your applications. Additionally, our mobile application developers can work with your team to integrate our mobile SDKs into your mobile applications.


If you are an OEM or service provider partner, please contact your designated Optando representative. If you are a "Hello' device user, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page to see if your question can be resolved online. If you are a resident of an independent / assisted living facility, please, contact your IT department.

If you have general questions or comments, please fill out the form below and we will be happy to assist.


Optando will provide consulting services for the integration of Optando software technology into partner products and services. Please contact us with a request for further information and pricing on consulting services.

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