Expert video calling solutions
for your customers
Optando LLC
Optando's expert team built a highly customizable video communications platform and innovative mobile applications.
Current video communication solutions do not address:
  • Technology targeted for specific market verticals.
  • Flexible and cost effective deployment solutions.
  • Modular service building options adaptable to all environments.
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Safe and Secure Video Communications for all Environments


Optando Services Solves Time-to-Market and Deployment Issues

Managed Software Services

Managed Services

Looking for alternatives to high priced, low flexibility APIs? Optando on-premises or managed cloud services provides the solution.

Software Customization Services


Requirements for unique service features? Optando server side customization will support your needs.

Software Integration Services


Time to market issues? Optando integration services can help get your application and services to market quickly.

Services Details


Transforming Video Communications with webRTC

Our leading webRTC experts have developed a full suite of video communications software infrastructure and services that can be easily integrated into your applications whether cloud or premises based. Our philosophy of combining Optando software that leverages our significant expertise in real-time conmmunications with standards based technology reduces your deployment costs while providing assurances of high-quality and high-reliability video communications.

Optando has a video solution for you...

Video Communications


Single touch, Reliable, Secure Video Communications

Cloud Infrastructure


Subscription, Signaling, Presence Management, and Support Servers

Mobile Applications and Libraries


Mobile and Browser Applications and Libraries

Technology Details


Modular Software


Our software is made of modular building blocks for third party embedding or mobile application integration

Customizable Software


Our software can be customized to provide your branded user interface and experience

Scalable Software


Our software infrastructure scales, whether in the cloud or on-premises

Use Cases


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